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In the last decade, the property market and the process of obtaining a mortgage has become more difficult, especially if you’re a small business owner or self-employed. But that doesn’t mean that being approved for a mortgage and signing for the property that could take your business to the next level is out of reach. We can help you get your accounts and operations in order to boost your chances of success when you speak with your bank or mortgage lender.

Working with you from the beginning

Improving your chances of obtaining a mortgage starts long before you speak with your bank.


An employee might have to provide 3 months’ payslips to show they can make payments but for businesses the process is far more extensive. If you’re a small business owner, you could be asked to provide up to 3 years’ accounts and tax details to demonstrate that you’ll be able to meet your mortgage repayments. Some banks will even look at your personal tax statements, assessing how profitable your business is by reviewing salary and dividends.


We set the groundwork for your success, showing you how to improve your accounts to truly reflect the performance of your business and your ability to meet mortgage repayments. Our service helps you to plan ahead and make the necessary changes to improve your application and how the bank will view your request. The small details can have a big impact on the action a lender will take. With our support, you can take care of these before starting the process, ensuring you make a great impression the first time.

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