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Whether you want to ensure your accounts are in order so you can enjoy your wealth now or you want to prepare for the future, we can offer you our support and guidance. As professional and fully qualified chartered accountants, we have a wealth of knowledge that we can use to support your personal tax and estate planning, allowing you to make the most of the finances you have.


Personal tax planning

Tax is one of the few certainties in life but the everchanging rules and regulations can make understanding the system a challenge. We can ensure that you meet all your legal obligations while minimising liabilities, giving you the opportunity to enjoy your earnings and wealth or have effective processes in place to pass it on to your heirs, either during or after your lifetime.

We have the expertise to fully understand your assets and how to get the most out of them. If you could be in line for a rebate or deferment, we’ll highlight these opportunities to you and take the necessary steps to help you reap the benefits. We take all the hassle out of dealing with the taxman while minimising your tax charges. You know you can rely on our expert team to manage all your personal tax planning needs, whether you need to ensure compliance or want to plan for the future.


Among the services we can provide are:


What’s more, should there ever be a problem, we’ll act as the point of contact between you and HMRC, using facts and figures during an enquiry to support your claims from the very beginning.

If you have any questions or could benefit from another service, our professional and friendly team are on hand to give you the answers and support you need.


Estate planning

If you’re making plans to manage your wealth for after your lifetime we can help you with a range of services. We understand the legalities to ensure your wishes are carried out with our estate planning services. We communicate with you to understand what you want to achieve and then present you with the best option for your personal case, working on your behalf to deliver the best solution.

Services for estate planning we offer include:


The writing or reviewing of your will


Transferring your assets into a trust


Ensuring life insurance covers potential inheritance tax liabilities


Transferring business property


Helping you to use lifetime transfers for tax rate exemptions

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